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KhaiVy Corporation
Xem cac du an khac

Ergodex DX1 system (06/26/2005)
Ergodex DX1 system is a customizable keyboard that allows you to place removable keys anywhere you want and assign the buttons to anything you want, making it quicker, easier to use and simpler to remember than a standard keyboard.
GeForce 7800 GTX Sets Gaming Speed Records (06/26/2005)
Our first tests of NVidia's new speed demon show some impressive performance gains. Packed with just over 300 million transistors, NVidia's latest high-end graphics chip, the GeForce 7800 GTX, is one of the most complex processors ever designed. And our tests of a reference board built around the new chip indicate that it's the fastest graphics board we've ever seen.
Longhorn Preview (06/26/2005)
The newest versions of the next Windows add graphics sizzle and more search features but lack visible productivity enhancements.